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The Luminarium

in luminarium harrogate


A few weeks ago I had great fun exploring 'the Luminarium' on The Stray in Harrogate, which was a huge inflatable structure with a labyrinth of colourful tunnels inside.

You take your shoes off and enter through an airlock into a bright colourful world, lit from the outside by sunlight filtering through the brightly coloured material.


in blue luminarium tunnel in red tunnel in luminarium

cocoon pod in luminarium red luminarium tunnel

flash photography inside luminarium one of the green domes in luminarium

luminarium roof


I read that the designer, Alan Parkinson says: "a family took their severely disabled 42 years old son who had never in his life smiled or cuddled his parents. It was an experience that really got to him and he was so happy. He'd never done that before."

I too found it an amazing experience wandering through the structure, wondering if you were in a spaceship of the future or some Sci-Fi set? Every surface was curved so it was sometimes difficult to judge distances.

Everyone lay on the soft curving surfaces and relaxed in tunnels, cavernous domes or in small cocooning pods where families lay back, listening to the sound of an immersive futuristic soundtrack.


pink light in luminarium tunnel blue ceiling detail in luminarium

child having fun in luminarium inside luminarium tunnel

inside luminarium roof inner luminarium blue tunnel


The outside does look a bit less exciting but who cares, as it's all about the inside :

outside the luminarium in yorkshire outside the luminarium


The Luminarium is travelling across Britain and it's whereabouts can be found on the website


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