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Roller Blind Fabrics

Floribunda roller blind fabric

New House Textiles is famous for its high quality roller blind fabrics and design flair. Blinds are small, elegant and very modern so we are proud of our latest window blind collection with it's wide selection of lovely patterns, subtle textures, gorgeous sheers, colourful plains, fire retardants and practical blackouts. All designed to look good in your windows. As well as free samples, we can help you find your local blindmaker who stocks our fabrics too.

Why roller blinds?

There are many reasons to choose a roller blind for your window and one of these is that they roll-up out of the way, making them simply the smallest, neatest way to decorate a window!

There is also a huge choice of fabrics, so you can make your blind blackout, sheer, decorative or textured and can save you energy too. 

How does a blind save energy?

A roller blind is normally fitted quite close to the glass, so in winter a small pocket of trapped air gets held between the window and fabric. This acts as an insulation layer and helps keep your room a little warmer. However in Summer when you need to stay cool, a blind can reflect light back out through the glass so your room heats up less. Obviously a white or lighter coloured blind does this better than a darker colour.

Plain blinds in your windows

Plain roller blinds are usually the most popular choice, and New House have 100's of colours to choose from in different weights, thicknesses, opacities, sheers, blackouts or weaves. 

Sheer window blind fabrics

If you are overlooked, wish to protect your home furnishings from fading or keep cool in Summer, then sheer fabrics could be your number one choice. New House has the best sheer collection around.

Traditional window blinds 

Swedish Plain is the original roller fabric for blinds. Developed 150 years ago when a stiffener was added to the fabric to help it roll up smoothly, it became the forunner of all modern roller fabrics. Swedish Plain is an authentic fabric , made with woven cotton and still manufactured in Sweden, it's always first choice in period or traditional houses.


As well as free samples from our site, we can help you find your local blindmaker who stocks our fabrics too.

Interior designers and Trade

We supply our roller blind fabrics and accessories to trade, so please get in touch.



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