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Latest fabric collection

Latest fabric collection

ciro sheer roller blind fabric collection image 

New House Textiles current roller collection got delayed by the pandemic, but came out last Spring (2022) to great acclaim.

In it’s creation the extra development time certainly wasn’t wasted, as designers Melanie and Laura could fine-tune fabrics further. As a result, our current collection moved towards higher quality, more restful textures and a greater feel-good refinement, making this collection one of our finest.

There are many stand-outs, but New House are especially proud of their soft-feel fabrics. As Melanie explains, ‘normal roller blind coatings tend to sit on the surface and can create the plasticky-feel many roller blind fabrics suffer from. However, we have been working with a different technique whereby special melt yarns are woven in during weaving and then, when expertly processed, these yarns adhere to the neighbouring yarns. This method creates a similar fabric stiffness to conventional coating techniques, but one in which the stiffness resides more on the inside of the fabric, rather than the outside. It is not an easy process, but roller fabrics made this way have a fabric surface largely free of coating, so they gain a much more luxurious feel and natural textile handle.’

New House’s high-end Japanese Linen fabric is made this way and allows high-performance yarns to be spun and woven in the same way traditional linen used to be. The result is one of the most gorgeous soft-feel roller fabrics on the market. Japanese Linen is also FR and now comes in plenty of useful extra colours.

japanese linen textured roller blind fabric  japanese linen textured roller blind fabric grey 

The same soft-feel technique has been used for ReEco, a brand-new slightly slubby plain made from 95% recycled material. The slubbiness was deliberately designed-in to overcome any irregularities within the recycled yarns, making ReEco another characterful fabric. An especially virtuous one too, as recycled plastics are reborn for a new life in sun protection.

reeco recycled roller blind fabric  reeco recycled fabric colour range 

Neo is another fabric made from recycled material, this time from PET which is the plastic used in drinks bottles. Neo has a pleasing textured appearance.

neo recycled PET roller blind fabric 

The new prints such as Maiden’s Hair Fern, Leno, Stars, Shoal or Eden are created in-house, printed in the UK and designed with nature, simplicity, and the environment as inspirational themes.

eden natural roller blind print  maidens hair grey roller blind print   lino grey simple roller blind print 

New House have also used a unique one-of-its-kind Jacquard machine to create a new textured fabric called Kobe. This fabric is manufactured to exacting standards yet has a pleasing almost hand-woven look.

kobe woven roller blind fabric texture 

There are new sheers too, often in in 2.9m wide widths such as Mistral and Sahara, Sahara having a delicate two-toned appearance. While best-selling older favourites like Swedish Natural cotton Plain and Hopsack have been re-worked in new colours by NHT’s colour expert Laura Fletcher.

metro plains roller blind fabric  hopsack natural plain roller blind fabric  swedish traditional roller blind fabric 

‘When making a NHT collection we always aim for a life of 3 years,’ Laura explains, ‘so we always study the forward trends in colour, looking towards the midpoint (in this case AW23/SS24) for inspiration. For this collection whites, mineral greys and very natural colours predominate, balanced with softer tints of eau de nil or warm gentle pinks. Our palette is carefully considered to create a timeless and contemporary collection.’

Plains & blockouts have all been worked on by Laura, who’s soft natural colour selection runs through the whole collection.

NHT polypropylene collection binders   

Environmental concerns have always been high in NHT’s thinking, and the Company are pleased that over 70% of their fabrics are now dyed, printed and coated CO2 neutral, or from recycled sources in Sweden or Japan.

New House’s highly recognisable long-lasting binder is made from polypropylene, a material that can be recycled up to 60 times. Their packaging comes from recycled sources, and even their heating is CO2 neutral, coming from surplus wood grown in the 1000-acre Herefordshire woodland on NHT’s doorstep.


New House is a family business with knowledgeable staff, much accumulated experience and roots that go back to 1921. They export to many countries so are a very global British small business. New House is also completely independent.


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