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Redecorating in Autumn

Saturday, 06 October

After our amazing hot summer Autumn is now well on it's way and we are all back inside. Like many, my house is looking a bit neglected and Autumn is an excellent time for doing a little bit of redecoration.  I usually start by picking up a paint brush to touch up marks that have accumulated...
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Harvest Festival gifts

Thursday, 20 September

Now is Harvest Festival time when we traditionally celebrate the produce we or others have grown. But what do you give the gardener in your life who's just given you some amazing home-grown veg or jars of fresh preserves? It's easy if you have grown something in your garden that they haven't, but...
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The Luminarium

Tuesday, 07 August

A few weeks ago I had great fun exploring 'the Luminarium' on The Stray in Harrogate, which was a huge inflatable structure with a labyrinth of colourful tunnels inside. You take your shoes off and enter through an airlock into a bright colourful world, lit from the outside by sunlight...
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Recolouring a classic homeware design

Wednesday, 27 June

Picknick by Marianne Westman has been a Swedish design icon ever since its launch in the 1950’s, and this Summer it has been expertly recoloured in a fresh new Scandinavian palette of subdued unisex colours, with notes of soft burgundy and terracotta mixed with gentle olive greens and petrol...
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Scandinavian interior design

Thursday, 03 May

At New House we have always loved Scandinavian design and know we are not alone!   Since the beginning of the 80’s New House's main business has been designing fabrics for window blinds and many of these have been produced in Sweden at specialised mills. Due to this, we have become very familiar...
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Presents and gift sets

Wednesday, 04 April

Giving a gift or present to a friend or loved one is often one of the most enjoyable things we can do!     Chosing a thoughtful gift is always a small sacrifice of time, but if it brings pleasure or fun to a loved one it's always worthwhile. Am I alone in thinking that it is often more...
woof tray, mug and coaster kitchen gift setRead more
Our contemporary interior trimmings

Monday, 19 March

We first took an interest in haberdashery over thirty years ago, when shapes at the bottom valance of a blinds were very fashionable. We designed a gimp braid we called Regency that was easily to apply, bent round corners and also had enough yarn density to stop heat-melt glue from showing...
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Wooden'it be good light pulls

Tuesday, 13 February

When we think about designing new light pulls, wood is always one of our favourite materials. it is warm to the touch, traditional, not hard like a metal or glass and easy to work into good shapes or forms too.  Our New House hearts are always into simple elegant shapes, so over the years have...
alvo light pulls in wood and aluminiumRead more
Yorkshire's Stonehenge

Monday, 08 January

I was walking in the Yorkshire Dales and came across Yorkshire's Stonehenge - the Druid's Temple at Swinton. It wasn't built by mysterious ancient Celts, but a man called William Danby (1752 - 1833) who lived in Swinton Hall about a mile away.  For a shilling a day his workers built this...
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Restoring an elderly knitting machine

Monday, 04 December 2017

Our textile business was started by my Grandfather Harold Stanier who bought his first knitting machine in 1921 and began producing fabric in his front room. To begin with he made fabrics for garment manufacture, but in the 1950's was making aerospace-grade filtration fabric. We were still...
knitting head at nht ltdRead more
Sheila Bownas, designer

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

New House has always had a thing for the cheerful designs of the 1950's and 60's so it was a real treat to visit Harrogate's Mercer Gallery and see their exceptional exhibition of designer Sheila Bownas' work.  I've been in design all my life so must have seen her work, but did not know her name....
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Mosney Mill comes to New House

Thursday, 02 November 2017

New House Textiles are delighted to welcome the introduction of an exciting new collection of home and kitchen accessories from British based Mosney Mill. Everyone admires the beauty of a typical farmhouse kitchen, full of charm, welcoming, warm and cosy and the Mosney Mill collection embodies...
mosney mill apron with blue tits in woodRead more
Christmas stock arrives

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

It seemed appropriate that Western Power Generation were re-cabling How Caple village the morning when some of our Christmas stock arrived.  We were without power for a while and couldn't resist lighting a candle as candlelight does look very nice in our 300yr old buildings!   As well as new...
unpacking christmas stock by candlelightRead more
Brightening up a tea towel

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Our decorative braids and trimmings were originally designed for use in contemporary window and roller blind fashion, but of course they can be used in many other applications too. Melanie has decided to create a series where she uses our most popular braid and trimmings on other items, and first...
brightening up a tea towel by sewing braidRead more
Visit to Almedahls, Sweden

Thursday, 12 October 2017

For as long as I can remember New House have gone to Almedahls to produce many of our roller blinds, homewares and to print our designs. They are real experts.  Based in the small Swedish town of Kinna just 30 minutes from Gothenburg, Almedahls began production in 1846 so must be one of the...
almedahls factoryRead more
Some new banner images

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New House has had a website since 2001, and this year we decided to split the site so the site you are on now is for retail, while our B2B trade activities are on a new site called www.newhousetextilestrade.co.uk. We needed a lot of new images and often these needed to be in unusual formats that we...
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Our old website

Saturday, 01 July 2017

We are really proud to have a brand new website that's been built from the ground up on a new platform. Our old site did us proud over many years and still looks modern : New House first went online in 2001 with a very simple 5 page site, and has gone through many redesigns and rebirths since....
nht site 2016 1Read more

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