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Light Pulls, our best kept secret

Light Pulls, our best kept secret

You know - why have a small ugly utilitarian plastic light pull lurking in your bathroom when there are some better alternatives?


6 bathroom light pulls with a nautical theme 5 bathroom light pulls by new house textiles

We've never once advertised or marketed our light pulls, so sales are word of mouth and from the little section on this website. Yet we are always surprised at how many light pulls we sell, so they must be going to people-in-the-know!

Our clever designers keep dreaming up new and more-fashionable ways to switch your bathroom light pull on and off, so why not have one of those light-bulb moments and make your bathroom switch a bit more sexy?

At New House we all have pulls in our bathrooms and mine is just a simple waxed wooden ball with matching cotton cord. However, we do them in lots of different colours, sizes and finishes including high gloss or matte painted :


waxed wooden bathroom light pull with cotton cord whitewash wood bathroom light pull with cord cocoa bathroom wooden light pull with cord

matte blue ball bathroom light pull with jute cord oyster white bathroom light pull with jute cord graphite grey bathroom light pull with jute cord

pink gloss bobbi ball light pull bright yellow bobbi ball light pull turquoise bobbi ball bathroom light pull

gloss black bobbi ball bathroom light pull gloss white bobbi ball bathroom light pull

One of our designers has moved umpteen times and says she knows when she's settled in, as it's when her old faithful leather light pull hangs from the switch in her new bathroom!

black leather bathroom light pull

Our latest styles follow a strong nautical theme :

 nautical red and white bathroom light pull mini buoy float bathroom light pull in red

Over the years we've made bathroom light pulls or toggles in a huge variety of materials and finishes. Today we offer wood, pewter, acrylic, fine bone china, aluminium, beehive spring steel, glass, leather and painted. All of these are made in England to the higest quality and we export them round the world. 

pewter pebble bathroom light pull pewter shell bathroom light pull with jute cord pewter starfish bathroom light pull with jute cord

beehive spring bathroom light pull in zinc beehive spring bathroom light pull in white beehive spring bathroom light pull in black

aluminium pencil cylinder bathroom light pull glass ball bathroom light pull herringbone china porcelain bathroom light pull

New House must be the World's most prolific creator of luxury, well-designed pulls. 

It might be a humble light switch to you, but nothing makes the experience of switching your light on a little more pleasurable, than a beautiful light pull. 

All our light pulls are easy to attach and come with connectors too!


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