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Some new banner images

New House has had a website since 2001, and this year we decided to split the site so the site you are on now is for retail, while our B2B trade activities are on a new site called

We needed a lot of new images and often these needed to be in unusual formats that we didn't have before. Last week I was taking some new banner images that had to be wide and thin, colourful, but not to distract the eye that much. 

Simple is usually best, so my props were just the products and an old French apple crate to rest them on. It was an overcast day that was perfect, as the light is diffuse so the images don't have hard shadows.

I use a Canon EOS 600D with a standard lens that always gives me good results.

nick taking new house images

One of the first images I took was of our alvo Roman blind pulls. Kerry cropped the image and added words turning it into a banner for the site so I carried on making more.

alvo roman blind pulls

alvo roman blind pull banner image

curtain tieback image

curtain tieback banner

coaster banner images

coaster banner images with words

blind cord banner image

blind cord banner image with words

roller blind pulls banner

roller blind pulls banner with words


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