Decorating a roller blind

Decorating a roller blind.

Do you have a dull rectangular roller blind in your window that's not as interesting as you'd like? If so, perhaps it's time to add a little decoration to cheer things up and New House have been the experts on turning standard white or cream blinds into something more individual or special for many years, so how about following a few of our tips?

Our first suggestion might be - how about adding a blind pull? 

Your blind may be operated by a side-chain but no matter, as a pull can often be just a decorative focal point that you don't have to use. Your windows have the best light in the house, so why not add something interesting such as one of our glass, porcelain or pewter pulls that make best use of this great light? It is not just you that will see it, but neighbours or anyone passing will spot your interesting adornment from a mile off :   




Having no fabric folds or uncomplicated mechanisms, and always roll up into the smallest and most discrete of window furnishings, window blinds must be the ultimate in clean aesthetic. 

Simple is what we at New House like best, but still enjoy adding a little colour, drama or discrete interest to a window blind where ever and whenever we can.  


However, sometimes even with a pull, a blind can still look just a bit too plain. We recommend adding a short length of decorative trimming, braid or pompom fringe as this can be just the thing to jolly-up your window. It is easy to do, as braids are not heavy so glue or double-sided tape will hold them in place :


If you are buying a new roller blind, most of the UK's blind makers have accounts with us so can easily obtain our trimmings, and over the years we have developed and designed many eye-catching trims to choose from such as these :





Of course you can use braids and pulls together on a blind if you want, and here are a few window blinds where we have done just that :





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