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It is over thirty five years since New House took an interest in haberdashery and only did so because shapes on the bottom valance of a blind were fashionable....


We needed to find a gimp braid that bent round corners, was easy to apply and had enough yarn density so heat-melt glue wouldn't show through. We came up with our Regency trimming and have sold millions of metres of this amazingly versatile flexible decorative braid.

However our interest in haberdashery and passementerie really took off with the arrival of Nicky Townley in our design department. She wanted to add focal points into our images of roller blinds by adding a blind pull. We made these pulls from string washed-up on beaches, stones and bits of painted polystyrene, but our customers loved the images so it wasn't long before Nicky was busy creating new decorative trim, blind pull and haberdashery collections. 

Nicky created many of New House's original classically exuberant, clever or austere haberdashery braid and trimming designs, such as leather, Charleston, Carpet and woolly trimmings. They were especially useful as they were available as matching interior trimmings, tiebacks and pulls which means no matter what fabrics, blinds or upholstery is used in the room, it's possible to link them together by using one of our trimming themes : 

New House's modern and contemporary haberdashery braid & trimming collections have expanded greatly since then. Laura Fletcher and Melanie Darwin joined New House, who had both studied textile design at the Royal College of Art, London and continued creating great new designs such as these modern trimmings, blind pulls, curtain tiebacks, Roman blind pulls and light pulls :


Today contemporary haberdashery design is all about contrasting unusual colours, so today our best selling interior trims are Fletcher, Stria, and of course pompoms! :




Haberdashery is also all about the little decorative items, so for years New House have designed so many blind and light pulls that we must now be the world's most prolific creator of pulls for all sorts of applications. Our preference is for simple styles and forms, often using many different material types. Here is a selection of pulls made from wood, fine bone china, pewter, glass and textiles, but we make many more.. :



Child safety is always an important issue, especially when blinds and curtains are concerned where loose or over-long loop cords can be a strangulation hazard for toddlers. It is always wise to secure these cords to a wall away from inquisitive hands and over the years we have designed our functional Halo range of roller blind child safety devices made from strong engineered aluminium and also a more decorative range with wooden covers, such as our red car child safety device.


We do love all the little trimmings and returning to where we started, ie with decorative gimp braids that bend round corners easily, our latest is Arco interior trim that comes in 20 glorious bright colours with a few glitter options too :



We also love both our Tenby and Zigzag woven braids that Laura designed :



We sell on the reel or by cut length, so if you are looking for crisply modern contemporary trims and braids for your interior we might just have the haberdashery product for you. All our trims, braids, pulls and contemporary haberdashery items are all made in England too.





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